3 Ways To Inspire Love In Your Life

A strong, healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life. Good relationships improve all aspects of your life, strengthening your health, your mind, and your connections with others. Here are 3 ways to keep love in your life.

Create Momentum
We can expand love in our life through the power of momentum, taking small steps that build our energy and enthusiasm.  Once we set it in motion, momentum can be an amazing and abundant force for change in our life. How do we get the momentum we need for change that lasts, that inspires and that infuses every day with purpose? We begin today.
Things don’t just happen all at once, they happen gradually. And they progress at an increasing rate as we continue to take steps in the direction of our goals and dreams. We build momentum, and that momentum ultimately takes on a life of its own. It is easier to move if you are already in motion than if you are standing still. Even if you discover that you’re going in the wrong direction, it’s easier to shift course and redirect your flow of energy than to start from scratch.  Also remember that it doesn’t matter where you start; all that matters is that you start. Source: Chopra

The Buddhist view of exertion provides a few clues. Rather than implying drudgery, exertion is synonymous with joy. It’s not about working hard to make problems go away or trying your very best to make an effort at all times. It is so much simpler than that. Here, exertion is the noble act of taking an interest. When you get along, you take an interest in that. When you don’t, you take an interest in that, too. You take an interest when you are able to connect with your beloved openly, gracefully, and easily, and also when you connect to them with grumpiness, stupidity, and a sense of entitlement. Taking an interest is not about reductive analysis or figuring out what is going on so you can dispatch it. It is a way of opening to your own experience—and to your beloved—with tenderness and honesty. It is the act of continuously disposing of your agenda to instead live your experience fully, which gives rise to vitality, energy, and joy. Source: LionsRoar

Adult intimate relationships can be understood through attachment theory, which has been researched and validated in a number of research studies over the last few decades. John Bowlby, an English psychiatrist, observed as early as 1958 that human beings are biologically wired to seek and maintain a few intimate relationships. He asserted that our need to connect begins at birth and continues throughout life, and as adults, we continue to need a special someone who will be emotionally accessible and responsive to us. Most importantly, attachment theory helps us understand how to create a secure relationship, how a love relationship can become distressed, and what interventions can help a troubled partnership. Source: AAMFT

Take these tips in order to experience a strong relationship. For more tips and advice call us.

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