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3 Reasons To See a Psychotherapist

If you feel anxious, depressed or need help to manage difficult times or overwhelming situations, consider psychotherapy.

Continue reading below to learn about 3 reasons to see a psychotherapist.

Suffered a Trauma
The pain of a death in the family, a breakup or job loss can be enough to require a bit of counseling. “We tend to think these feelings are going to go away on their own,” adding that this isn’t always the case. Grief from a loss can impair daily functioning and even cause you to withdraw from friends. If you find you aren’t engaging in your life or those around you have noticed that you’re pulling away, you may want to speak to someone to unpack how the event still affects you. On the other hand, some people respond to loss with a more manic reaction — hyper-engagement with friends and acquaintances or an inability to sleep. These are also signs that it is time for professional help. Source: HuffingtonPost

Want to Make a Good Marriage Great
Many relationships are functional, but are no longer fun. Couples counseling can help improve communication and strategize ways to return passion and excitement to a marriage. Source: PsychologyToday

Being afraid of heights and spiders are common phobias, but some unusual and unfounded fears can create substantial problems in your life. For example, sitophobia (fear of eating) may lead to serious health problems. An experienced psychologist can help you begin to overcome your fears so that you can live without polyphobia (fear of many things) or phobophobia (fear of fear). Source: Healthline

Treatment can be very helpful to individuals to remedy their problems or concerns. We hope that this article helped you gain an understanding about reasons to see a psychotherapist. If you have more questions or to book an appointment, contact us here.

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Depression and Codependency: Self Respect versus Serving as a Doormat


             You’re very tired. It’s been a hectic day and what you’d really like to do is just sit for a few minutes.  But instead, with a sigh, you start in on the ironing with resentment simmering inside of you.

            The phone rings and your friend asks if you can give her a lift to work in the morning. It will be tight you realize as you have to drop off your youngest child at school. Clenching your jaw, and putting a smile on your face, you agree to do it.

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Can Social Media Contribute to Depression?

upset man on computer

Thanks to social media like FaceBook or Twitter, connecting with people is easier than ever. With one click of the mouse, you can chat with a new friend or share news with a large group of people. Communication is instant.

Sounds great. What could be better?

According to recent studies, however, time spent on social media can lead to depression and anxiety. Continue reading »

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Can Exercise Help You Overcome Depression?

Can Exercise Help You Overcome Depression?

Thoughts From a Vancouver Therapist

If you’ve been dealing with feelings of depression, you may have talked with your doctor or another professional about what you’re feeling. Perhaps he or she encouraged you to get some exercise as a way to combat thoughts of depression. This is a common recommendation, but today I’d like to talk about why it’s a common recommendation, and I’d like to answer the question, Can exercise really help you overcome depression? Continue reading »

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