3 Things to Do To Avoid Being Stuck in Your Life

Do you feel stuck in a bad life situation? Below you will find 3 things you can do to help snap out of it.

Change Up Your Daily Routine
As creatures of habit, there’s a tendency to run on autopilot when it comes to accomplishing tasks. If you find yourself stuck, try mixing up your lifestyle. Get up earlier or later, and lengthen or shorten daily routines to make room for different activities. Go for a walk in nature instead of hitting the gym for a high-impact cardio workout. Meditate twice a day for 30 minutes each time instead of once a day for 10 minutes. Switching things up enables you to access different parts of your brain, which can enhance your awareness and increase bursts of creativity. Source: Chopra

Decision Making
The life skill that will make or break you is making good decisions. Consider Goldilocks. She spent a lot of time deciding if a bowl of porridge was too hot, too cold, or just right. She was so obsessed with cooking temperature that she never even considered that breaking and entering is a crime. And breaking and entering a home owned by wild bears? That’s just dumb.
High achievers often focus too far ahead. They work too much, and ignore their families, hobbies, friends, and lives. In this case, they’re so focused on preparing for the future that they’re missing the now. They could have a happy life with their family now. Decisions based solely on the long-term may expose you to too much short-term risk. They can also blind you to noticing that most of what you want, you could already have if you weren’t ignoring the short-term. When you are concentrating solely on the long-term, stop and take a look at the short-term and the present. You may already be able to get what you want. And make sure you have a short-term survival plan that will tide you over until the long-term arrives. That’s survival in every sense—financial, physical, social, and emotional.
When making a decision, you want to be like Goldilocks: consider the decision using a timeframe that’s very short. Then reconsider with a timeframe that’s very long. Using that information, consider a third time, with a timeframe that’s just right. Then you’ll know if you want to have a contingency plan for the long term, a survival plan for the short term, or whether your time horizon is Just Right. Source: QuickAndDirtyTips

Enlightenment is transpersonal. For Western­ers especially, it’s important to keep remembering that awakening is something different from the projects of self-improvement and self-actualiza­tion we’re used to; it’s not about being a better self but about discovering our true self, which is another thing entirely. One of the puzzlements of the Way is that some people can seem to have substantial, even operatic, openings and still behave like jerks. This is important because it speaks to the nature of awakening: having an enlightening revelation isn’t the same thing as being enlightened; we have to let the revelation stain and dye us completely, in the exact midst of our everyday lives. We have to let life teach us how to embody the revelation. Source: LionsRoar

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