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CBC consults Gina’s expert opinion on the Abbotsford Trauma

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Watch the video below to hear Vancouver psychotherapist Gina Vanderham on CBC News talking about bullying, child abuse and trauma.




Middays with Jody Vance: Jody speaks with psychotherapist Gina Vanderham about sexual abuse victims and how she helps them cope with the trauma they experience long after the abuse occurs here.


I saw Gina for both work-related and personal issues. I found her to be an excellent therapist.  She was assertive when necessary, but was always kind, compassionate and empathetic.  She is very good at analyzing problems and she leaves no stone unturned to help find solutions to problems. I was also impressed with the energy and enthusiasm Gina brought to every appointment.  I feel she genuinely cares about her clients, and will do whatever she can to help clients find better ways to cope with the many challenges and issues life presents.  I have also recommended Gina to friend and colleagues, and they have also been impressed with her skill and compassion.  I recommend her highly.

Most effective therapy EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization)

Gina Vanderham Specializes in Counselling for:


Have you experienced trauma in your life that has left you feeling anxious, overwhelmed or depressed? You could benefit from trauma counselling to restore your sense of well being.


Are you feeling sad or low? Have you lost interest in life? You can feel better about yourself and your future with depression counselling.


If you have panic attacks, feel anxious, and sometimes feel that you are going crazy, therapy can help. Learn to feel calmer and more in control of your feelings. Find out more about anxiety counselling.


Has your relationship lost its joy and intimacy and become conflict-ridden? Couples therapy can help you learn to communicate better and restore the love and intimacy you once felt.


Has your drinking or drug problem gotten out of control? Is it causing problems in your relationships, your work or your finances? Addiction counselling can help you stop using, improve your self esteem and help you heal.

Eating Disorders

Are you preoccupied with food, weight and your body? Perhaps you are suffering with anorexia, bulimia or compulsive overeating? Eating disorder counselling can help heal your relationship with yourself and food. You can learn to love yourself and accept your body.

Addiction in the Workplace Consulting

Are you concerned about addiction in your workplace? Find out how addressing it can improve your bottom line.


Corporations Gina Has Worked For

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