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Relationship Problems?

Has the pain and struggle become unbearable?

Find out how couples counselling can help you
grow into love again…

You have found your way to this website looking for a marriage or couples counsellor. You are probably like many couples who develop negative patterns of relating that you can’t seem to stop.

It’s likely you have tried to resolve your problems many times, but keep finding yourselves back in the same vicious cycles. You’re probably feeling very discouraged right now, and are really hoping that couples therapy might be the solution.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may benefit from couples therapy / marriage counselling:

  • You have the same conflicts over and over that rarely – or ever get solved.
  • Sex is less frequent and/or less enjoyable.
  • Communicating feels confusing and frustrating.
  • Dates or fun activities have ceased to exist.
  • You’re saying hurtful things to each other more often.
  • Disagreements often turn into nasty arguments.
  • You don’t feel that your partner is on the same side as you.
  • You seem to bring out the worst in each other.
  • You feel lonely in your relationship.
  • Your relationship is tense and stressful.
  • You are visited by what John Gottman, the renowned marriage researcher and therapist, calls the four harmful horsemen: criticism, contempt, stonewalling and defensiveness.
A married couple having a conflict or fight

EMDR Caused Dramatic Relationship and Personal Improvement

I started seeing Gina Vanderham for counselling with my girlfriend (now my wife) about 3 years ago. We went to receive help with our relationship. Working with Gina in therapy has enabled me to be comfortable expressing my emotions with my wife, and has allowed me to be a much more caring partner.

The relationship therapy worked so well that I started seeing Gina on my own. She helped me work through a variety of behaviors which were causing me trouble in my day to day life. The "EMDR" therapy really helped shed my dysfunctional ways of thinking, and led to a drastic change in my behavior. I highly recommend Gina as a therapist. She has been both professional and effective in helping me.

January 26, 2014

Congratulations on Seeking a Couple’s Counsellor for Help With
Your Relationship Problems

Discover how to revitalize your relationship and
build on the magic you once had!

Couples therapy can help you:

Couple who are happier after seeking help from a therapist
  • Learn how to communicate effectively.
  • Develop a strong, healthy, loving relationship.
  • Release painful, repetitive, negative patterns.
  • Express your needs clearly.
  • Achieve greater intimacy through successfully resolving differences.
  • Develop and maintain interdependence.
  • Learn how to resolve “difficult” issues.
  • Build trust and respect.

Intimacy Increased in Marriage after Couples Counselling

In relation to my marriage and our couples counseling sessions, Gina has been very helpful in teaching us better conflict resolution skills and ways to increase the intimacy with each other.

Gina has a good understanding of the problems facing the recovering addict/alcoholic as well as the effect on the family. Her grasp of the 12-step programs has helped both my husband and I grow as individuals and as a family.

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Gina for where we are today and we had some fun along the way.

January 26, 2014

Why Choose Me as Your Marriage Therapist?

As a highly trained couples therapist with over 20 years experience, I’ve helped many couples renew their relationship — and I can help you too. Whether you’re beginning a relationship, or looking to re-create vitality and joy in your existing one, I can help. 

As a marriage therapist, helping couples work through anger, resentment, and distance in order to develop deeper intimacy and commitment is one of my greatest pleasures. I am a licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist and a member of the prestigious American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. My training includes hundreds of courses and certifications.

With my couples therapy training and experience and your willingness to get your relationship back on track, together we can create the relationship that you want.

To find out more how I work as a Couples Counsellor, click here.

Overcoming Traumatic Memories and Becoming Empowered

I've been working with Gina as my therapist for 3+ years. Together we've been working on various addiction issues including, depression, anxiety and intimate relationship problems. Using EMDR therapy  we've targeted and overcome a number of painful traumatic memories that were the cause of many of my current problems. Since working with Gina, I have come to feel empowered. I’ve learned how to speak up for myself and express my feelings at work, with my family, with my partner and friends.

I'm now in a loving intimate relationship, soon to be married. Together my partner and I are working with Gina in "couples therapy" in order to strengthen our relationship and learn how to understand, trust and love one another.

In a word I would say my time and work with Gina in therapy have been a great "Success".

January 26, 2014

Call 604.733.7428 in Vancouver, BC or email: [email protected] now for an initial consultation on how I can help you restore and re-energize your relationship through couples or marriage counselling.

I came to see Gina looking for support and guidance with living with my partner’s sex addiction. Gina really helped me identify my needs and break some of the negative cycles that were happening in my relationship. Her support and recommendations changed my perspective, allowed me to look more clearly at my own familial history and allowed me to ground myself and focus inwards. This has helped me immensely to make healthier choices in my relationships and assert my needs. I have seen other counsellors in the past, and by far the approach that Gina takes along with her warmth, openness, and approachability, created such a comfortable and safe place for me to work on these very challenging issues. I have so much gratitude in my heart for the path she has set me on and my relationship is much more deep and fulfilling as a result. Thank you Gina.

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