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Cannabis Laws will change in British Columbia in the next couple of months, probably August or September 2018.
At workplace solutions we offer a range of services to address all your organizations needs In the area of psychological health and safety.

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Every dollar spent on prevention and workplace intervention to create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace has a fantastic return on investment for your company.
Areas to explore in creating a psychologically healthy and safe workplace include addressing  the core 13 factors of the Canadian Psychological Health and Safety Standard:

  • Organizational culture
  • Psychological and social support
  • Clear leadership and expectations
  • Civility and respect
  • Psychological demands
  • Growth and development
  • Recognition and reward
  • Involvement and influence
  • Workload management
  • Engagement
  • Balance
  • Psychological protection
  • Protection of physical safety.

Interventions for the 13 factors are custom built, and can include specific policies and different procedures as in below.

  • Addressing alcohol and drugs in the workplace
  • Addressing domestic violence
  • Bereavement leave policy
  • Building your emotional intelligence
  • Framework to eliminate stigma
  • Harassment and bullying prevention.
  • Impairment policy
  • Organizational culture
  • Peer support programs
  • Preventing chronic mental stress
  • Suicide prevention
  • Work place trauma

Workshops are delivered by qualified professionals and can include many topics. Please ask about our workshops customized for you. These can include afternoon workshops, lunch and learns, full day workshops, two day workshop’s, retreats etc.

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Addiction Affects 20% of the Workforce – That includes Yours!

Do you know how much employee substance abuse is costing your company?

It could be in the thousands of dollars a year.

Facts About Employee Substance Abuse

  • Research shows an addicted employee can cost employers $7000 per employee per year.
  • Employees who abuse substances are 25% – 30% less productive than employees who do not abuse drugs.
  • Addicted employees usage of health benefits is 1.5 – 2 times higher than that of non-abusers.
  • Accidents, decreased productivity, and increase in workplace violence and harassment – due to addicted employees carry legal ramifications and your organization is responsible criminally and civilly.
  • Addicted employees increase workplace turnover due to lowered productivity, morale, accidents etc.
  • 20% of workers say they have been injured, have had to cover for a   coworker, or needed to work harder because of another employee’s drinking.

The Problem of Dealing with Addiction in Your Workplace


  • The effects of substance abuse on your workplace are mostly hidden and difficult to detect.  Co-workers tend to cover for one another and substance abusers don’t normally self disclose.  They often deny the problem because of the stigma of being labeled an alcoholic or addict and the threat of possible losses: job, home and family.
  • Your corporation’s human resource department might not have the knowledge or a protocol to follow in relation to employee substance abuse.  There are many issues to take into consideration when addressing this issue including human rights and legal issues related to dealing with an employee with chemical dependency.
  • Your supervisors and managers likely lack the expertise necessary to effectively approach and talk with a suspected substance-abusing employee.  Knowing what to say and how to talk to an employee with a possible substance abuse problem requires special knowledge to prevent labeling an employee inappropriately or breaking legal confidentiality.
  • Employee Assistance programs are often ineffective.  You will have to make some unique decisions including how do I approach the problem employee? How do we help the employee? Who will pay for treatment? Should the employee pay in part? How do we follow up after treatment to ensure the employee is safe to return to work and staying clean and sober?
  • Employees who are substance abusers can pose unique problems because chemical dependency is considered a disability and there are real human rights to consider.  If your company has a clear policy on substance abuse in the workplace that is well communicated to employees you can be protected from costly litigation.
  • Making the tough decision whether to fire or retain the employee.  Your company has invested much in recruiting, hiring, training and paying your employee. A recovered employee post-treatment might have specialized or rare skills and knowledge as well as be more conscientious, reliable, and productive than others.

Your Organization Can Solve Substance Abuse Problems in Your Workplace.

Your workplace can become safer and more productive.

The good news is that although addiction is a chronic, degenerative, progressive and fatal illness, it can be arrested and recovery is possible.

Damage to your employee and your workplace can be repaired. There is real hope for employees getting clean and sober and returning to their jobs with renewed dedication, creativity and productivity.

The workplace has been shown to have the most important leverage in helping employees recover from chemical dependency.

The threat of losing one’s job affects basic survival more so than losing family and friends.  With effective policy and procedures you can expect good compliance with a large number of employees.

Gina has Excellent Skills in Assessment and Treatment for Addiction in the Workplace

As a clinician, and coordinator for Canada’s largest provider of substance abuse, and performance related assessments, I have worked personally with Gina Vanderham for almost 10 years.  Her approach to the assessment and treatment of addictions has proven very beneficial to both individual and corporate clients alike. Gina is efficient, effective, conscientious, and has excellent clinical skills in the area of addiction in the workplace. I highly recommend her.

Scott Simmons, Family Services Employee and Family Services, Markham, ON November 27, 2013

How Your Company Can Benefit From an Alcohol And Drug-Free Workplace


  • Accidents
  • Errors and productivity
  • Incidents requiring disciplinary action
  • Absenteeism
  • Tardiness
  • Employee theft and fraud
  • Legal expenses
  • Insurance claims
  • Staff turnover
Happy at Work



  • Productivity
  • Staff morale
  • Employee motivation & creativity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Positive public image

You can’t afford to ignore the addicted employee in your workplace.  When you avoid taking action, you risk enabling the addiction to progress at a huge cost to the organization and your employees.   Smart pre-planning avoids confusion, frustration and costly mistakes when the time comes to address a crisis in your workplace.

Gina Has Considerable Knowledge and Expertise in the Area of Workplace Addiction

Gina gave a lively and interactive presentation demonstrating her excellent facilitation skills. She articulated with much ease and confidence her considerable knowledge and expertise in the area of workplace addiction. The research on her topic and development of her materials were outstanding. She understands clearly that complexity of the problem of addiction in the workplace including the legal implications, the role of management, and the issues of a chemically dependent person.  Gina is also very well-versed in treatment and resources related to this issue.  She received excellent feedback from the participants.  I would highly recommend her professional services in relation to the issue of the addiction in the workplace and employee assistance services.

Claire Sutton, Employee Assistance Professionals Association, President, Vancouver, BC November 27, 2013

A Drug Free Workplace Program Includes:

  1. A Drug Free Workplace Policy stating your organizations’ position on alcohol and drug use in the workplace, along with clear guidelines for employees seeking assistance and terms of return to work following treatment.
  2. Supervisor Training establishes supervisors and managers roles in implementing your policy, including how to identify and approach an employee who might have job performance problems related to addiction.  Supervisors and managers will learn to feel confident dealing effectively with employees who have alcohol and drug problems.
  3. Employee Training conveys to employees your organization’s stance on addiction in the workplace and how employees can get help and what to do if a colleague at work appears to have an addiction problem.  Employee training increases the chances that employees will come forward when they, or a colleague is struggling with a substance abuse problem.
  4. Assessments and Counselling involves a thorough assessment by a qualified addictions specialist and targets areas for rehabilitation for the employee and makes treatment recommendations.  Counselling is helpful for the employee when they decide to stop drinking or using and helps them with relapse prevention and develops healthy coping mechanisms.
  5. Monitoring is a process whereby an agreement is made between the employee, the organization and the monitor that helps ensure the employee stays clean and sober upon returning to work. It includes participation in a twelve step program and urine testing.

You’ll feel so much better with a clear, legally sound policy and procedures to deal with the addicted employee.  Your managers can feel competent to address the addicted employee and help them get the help that they need and return to work more productive, happier and healthier.

Contact Gina Vanderham for more information on establishing a drug-free workplace program in your organization.


Gina's Addiction in the Workplace Training Facilitated an Employee's Successful Return to Work

Prior to Gina's workshop in our workplace the coworkers were apprehensive of their previously addicted colleague's return as they were angry at the employee for taking time off from work. They wondered why she was being allowed to come back to work instead of being fired. They didn't understand what the issues were with an addicted person and felt the employee was being favored which affected the workplace atmosphere.

The addiction in the workplace seminar and leadership consultation was excellent and everyone learned a lot. It went a long way to help our employee realize the reality of the situation and removed a lot of preconceived ideas regarding the employee’s addiction. Employees learned a lot about substance abuse and they became very willing to support and help their returning colleague.

The education we received from Gina paved the way for an addicted employee to come back into the workplace and feel supported after completing treatment.   
Our previously addicted employee is feeling good and her supervisor reports that she is doing extremely well in her job. 

I would definitely recommend Gina Vanderham's employee and supervisor education to other organizations.

Regena Cameron, Human Resources Director at Pima Enterprises, Kamloops, BC November 27, 2013


Gina Provided Exceptional Counselling Through our Employee Assistance Program

Gina Vanderham has shown a tremendous dedication to Humanacare and our clients.  We are extremely happy with all aspects of our dealings with Gina.  She is very efficient, effective, honest and responsible and has provided Humanacare with exceptional counselling services.  Gina displayed flexibility and dedication in meeting each individual's personal needs in a friendly and professional manner.

Marisa Oliveira, Operations Coordinator, Humanacare Employee Assistance Services, Edmonton, AB November 27, 2013


Gina is an Outstanding Therapist in Our Employee Assistance Program

Ms. Vanderham has consistently demonstrated herself to be an outstanding therapist.  Her paperwork and documentation procedures are exemplary.  She is extremely easy to work with, always following through with professionalism and has a great sense of humor.  She is hard-working, bright, caring, and warm and demonstrates empathy that I do not always see in this field. Her clinical skills are superb. Ms. Vanderham is very reliable in getting back to both us and to our clients, often going the extra mile to see them as quickly as possible.

When we follow up with our clients to see if they're satisfied with their service we have consistently received glowing and positive feedback about Ms. Vanderham.  It is very apparent that the clients that were seen by her come away feeling that they were greatly assisted. Ms. Vanderham's work was so exceptional she was quickly promoted to a preferred provider status, which allows her to work more independently within our framework.  She is also able to work quickly and efficiently.

We are extremely fortunate to have Gina Vanderham is one of our affiliates and have absolutely no doubt that should be a tremendous asset to any client or company that requires her services.

Andy Cherniak, with Ceridian Employee Assistance Program/Organizational client November 27, 2013


Gina Has Excellent Knowledge Regarding Addiction in the Workplace

I have been on the board of Employee Assistance Professionals Association for four years with Gina Vanderham.  Gina possesses excellent knowledge, skills and training regarding addiction in the workplace.  Her presentation to our membership got excellent feedback from the participants at the Employee Assistance Professionals Association meeting.  As a presenter, Gina has the ability to engage the audience and handle questions or interruptions in a very flexible and knowledgeable matter. The quality and content of her presentation was excellent and she used handout materials and audiovisual equipment very well.

Cheryl Grant Campbell, Employee Assistance Professionals Association Board, Vancouver, BC November 27, 2013


Gina Vanderham has specialized in addiction recovery for over 20 years.  She provides consulting for addictions in the workplace including policy development, manager training, employee education, assessments, and monitoring for employees.

Please call me in Vancouver, BC for a free telephone consultation at 604.733.7428 or email me at [email protected]  and see how I can help your corporation.