Management Training


This training will cover:

Review of the company drug – free workplace policy

The supervisor’s specific responsibility implementing the policy; and

Way to recognize and deal with employees who have job performance problems that would be related to alcohol and other drugs.


The objectives of the training are to inform supervisors and managers about:

  • The prevalence of alcohol and drug abuse and its impact on the workplace.
  • The connection between poor performance and alcohol and drug use.
  • How to recognize potential drug and alcohol abuse through the observation of specific objective behavior and performance criteria.
  • How to effectively document, confronting and refer employees without violation the law of employee rights
  • The progressions of the disease of alcohol and drug addiction and what assistance is available.
  • The necessary skills for referring employees to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), other treatment providers and /or drug and alcohol testing.
  • How to avoid supervisor traps and enabling behavior.


Investment in the training:

$3,000 plus GST for a day training in house.